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Mondrian, the aesthetic revolution of Quare Design, a tribute to the painter’s 150th anniversary

21 December 2021

The Mondrian shower tray is Quare Design’s great aesthetic revolution for 2022. A shower tray with an avant-garde design inspired by the work of the painter gives it its name on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Cuadro Mondrian Composition y Plato de ducha Mondrian

Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, better known as Piet Mondrian (Amersfoort, 7 March 1872 – New York, 1 February 1944), was a Dutch painter and founder of “neo-plasticism”.

Mondrian’s paintings demonstrate a complexity consisting of perpendicular lines and geometric colour fields in primary colours (red, yellow, blue) with white, black or grey. They are in fact the result of a continuous search for balance and formal perfection evolved stylistically throughout his life.

INSPIRED BY MONDRIAN, our designers at Quare Design have used our material with our Quarex formula, recreating perpendicular and geometric lines, replacing colours with four different finishes:  smooth lines, vertical concrete, scratched metal and horizontal concrete.

With the development of techniques for each detail, an effect of balance and perfection was achieved. Hence the Mondrian shower tray and the Space wall panel, both in Composition textures.

The surface of the tray has an exquisite combination of textures and geometric shapes.

The waste cover is discreet and integrated into the design itself. Mondrian shower tray comes to make your bathroom a work of art.

Mondrian plato de ducha Quare Design en diferentes colores

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